5 Men's Boots To Get You Through The Cold Weather

Are you a regular guy tired of the bland looking winter boots? Are looking to rock stylish shoes as the weather outside gets cold? We’ve put together an amazing list of the best cold weather boots for you.

While boots are a staple during the winter, finding the right pair can be a difficult endeavor. These top picks combine style, comfort, functionality, and most importantly, warmth. Check out the six versatile designs that will keep you warm even when the weather isn’t.

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot is a classic and stylish design that never goes out of fashion. It is a short boot that pairs perfectly with business suits. It is also incredibly comfortable, close-fitting, and warm. The Chelsea boot is distinguished by its characteristic elastic band on the side that allows you to slip it on and off easily. For a good Chelsea boot pair, explore DARA's Capri Boots collection. This line features fashionable suede Chelsea boots that come in different shades including blue, cognac, oxblood and olive. Best of all, they are water resistant, so you can be confident in wearing them in inclement weather!

Lace-up Boots

Lace-up boots come in several designs, materials, and colors. Traditionally, these boots lace-up just above the ankle and have several eyelets. Whether leather, suede or wool, these ankle-hugging boots go well with a variety of outfits and give you a sophisticated look and feel. A good example of these trendy lace-up ankle boots is from the Asti Boots collection. The Asti features the boots in either suede or wool with  leather toe and heel caps for a unique and sophisticated look. The suede version comes in black, brown, blue-brown, olive-brown, and oxblood and is a great choice when you want a boot that you can wear to work. If you are looking for added warmth, you can go for the wool lace-up type that is available in brown-white and black-white. It is suitable day and night wear. Both versions are water resistant, made with genuine leather, and truly comfortable.

Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boot is an American staple. You will find it in most people’s closets. The cowboy boot is commonly known for its pointed toe and tall shaft. And it has two main styles. One is the traditional cowboy boot which is long, angled, and has a heel. This boot is mainly used for riding. The other is the roper boot, an ankle boot with a shorter heel that you can wear during the day to brave the cold. 

Jodhpur Ankle Boots

The Jodhpur boot is a cousin of the Chelsea boot. Both are ankle length with no laces. But unlike the Chelsea boot, which has an elastic band, the Jodhpur boot is fastened with a buckle and strap. The straps may or may not wrap all around the ankle depending on the specific design you pick. At the back of the boot, there’s a loop through which the strap passes. This boot was originally designed for riding (to be worn with the Jodhpur riding pants), has a low heel, and is primarily made from a single leather piece. However, many contemporary designs have been developed today to make it an ideal office wear too. 

Chukka Boots

The Chukka boot is a casual and stylish boot that goes well with any outfit. Originating during the second world war, this ankle-high boot is mainly found in leather or suede. The sole can either be leather or rubber. Chukka boots feature an open lace design with 2 or 3 pairs of eyelets and a rounded toe. You can choose the material and color of your Chukka boot depending on where you want to wear it. Dark colors and a thin leather sole go well with official wear while a crepe sole is ideal for casual pants.

There's so much to love about boots. They add a nice touch to almost any outfit- office or casual-, can withstand wear and tear, and most importantly, are warm and comfortable. But with so many options in the market, getting yourself of great pair can be overwhelming. Check out our entire collection of Men's Boots here at DARA Shoes, and be sure to check out the awesome reviews as well. With these suggestions of the best and most fashionable boot styles out there, you can pick the perfect boot to withstand the wet and cold weather.

Happy Shopping!

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