5 Summer Outfit Ideas with the Siena Slipper

Summer is almost here! And you know what that means. It's time to show yourself off and flaunt your cute and stylish summer looks. You can combine many ideas to create a killer look for the summer, but do you know what each look can have in common?

You guessed it! Our Siena Slippers, available in four immaculate designs that go beautifully with any summer look you create. Here are five summer outfits that our Siena Slippers will improve and enhance;


1. Denim Pencil Skirt with White Off Shoulder Frilly Top

What’s not to love about this look? Denim pencil skirt with white shoulder off frilly top is the perfect outfit to beat the summer heat. Since both are neutral colors, you can pair this with any one of our Siena SlippersColor Block, Cherry Blossom, Calico, or Toile.
These Siena Slippers and Flats will brighten your denim and white outfit with people’s eyes going straight to your feet and then upwards to check out your entire summer outfit. Give your neutral outfit the splash of color it needs to stand out!


2. Short Black Dress

Jazz up your short black dress with a statement belt, and you'll be really making a statement! A pair of the Siena Slippers/Flats in Color Block, is the best choice to add a pop of color to the black dress. 


3. A Bright Solid Colored Shirtdress

Summer signals the arrival of bright colored solid shirtdresses. A comfortable pair of flats that will compliment the brightly colored outfit is the only option. The muted yet stylish flat - Siena Slipper in Toile - comes to mind and would balance out this look. The understated beige and red tones in this Slipper (Flat) lets your shirtdress shine without clashing. This will definitely round off your entire look.


4. An Oxford Shirt with Cropped Jeans

Can this outfit ever go out of fashion? We think not! You can wear an oxford shirt with cropped jeans and choose from any of our amazing flats. You can flaunt your entire outfit all day, walking around running errands, and your feet won’t ache, thanks to Siena Slippers’ dual padded insoles that ensures max comfort.


5. A Short Floral Dress

You can wear a long floral dress, but remember, you want people’s gaze on the entire outfit. Long floral dresses will hide the exquisite design on your Siena Flats. Pair your charming short floral dress with some charming flats! Our Siena Slippers in Calico will look sublime with a short floral dress.

These are just a few ideas to get your mind going. Get your summer outfit ready and visit us to find a pair of Siena Slippers that will match perfectly with your clothes!


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