About The Red Velvet Bag

Every pair of DARA shoes ships with a Plush Red Velvet Carrying Bag to help increase the lifespan of your shoes. To some people, this is a welcome addition, but some just toss the bag into the trash without a second thought.

If you're in the latter group, this blog post is for you. We are giving you 5 major reasons why you should keep that bag, and why it is important if you want to keep your shoes in great condition for a long time.

1. Scratch Control.

Ever accidentally scratched your favorite shoe when putting it back or pulling it out to wear. That stops when you keep the shoes in the designated storage bag. It's really that simple. 


2. Fading

This is dependent on where you usually keep your shoes; closets, out in the open, or a closet with sunlight. If your shoes are out in the open where they are exposed to direct sunlight, your shoes could start fading. The UV rays from the sun, continuously beating down the fabric wears it down and over time it loses its luster. Keeping your shoe in the bag protects it from the big bad sun!


3. Dust and Debris

Just like everything else you have at home, dust and debris finds its way almost everywhere. The last place you'd want them to be is on your lovely pair of DARA's. The material used to manufacture the upper are prone to attracting dust, so the bag is the perfect place to store them to prevent this from happening.


4. General Damage

Having a protective barrier between your precious shoes and the outside world is always a good idea. The bag will serve this role and keep your shoes protected against accidental nicks, items dropping, things spilling or pets deciding to turn your shoes into their new chew toy! 


5. Neat Packing

This bag just travels well. Instead of just sticking your shoes into your luggage, or stuffing them in a plastic bag, you can opt to pack them in this lovely velvet carrying bag. Don't worry, you're not obligated to only carry DARA's shoes in there, feel free to use them to pack for any shoes you're taking on your next vacation.

By preventing your shoes from getting damaged, you have more chances to wear and enjoy them, and more importantly, get your hard earned money's worth!

You're also welcome to toss them, as we'd gladly sell you another pair 😁

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