All About the Paisley

You've definitely heard the word "Paisley". But what exactly is this Paisley? Well it is a distinctive and intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone design from India. These designs are usually either monochrome or very colorful. Fashion has embraced this unique design by incorporating it into a lot of products.

They were once considered tacky and obnoxious, but now, they are making a serious comeback. As popular as they are in staple fashion items, they have never been incorporated in footwear. Being the risk takers that we are at DARA Shoes, we not only have one, but two velvet slippers sporting the paisley design: the Naples Slipper in Brown Paisley and the Naples Slipper in Black Paisley. As the world embraces this bold design once again, you should take a bold step, and get yourself one of these!

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