History of Velvet Slippers

A feeling of comfort is one of life's gifts of pleasure. And velvet slippers will offer you precisely that! For centuries they were known as nightwear.

There is a lot that can be said about these light, low- cut shoe designs that are easily slipped on the feet. By evolving to keep up with societal expectations, these luxury slippers have become a part and parcel of our daily life. Many have indeed embraced them, with their aesthetic and design changing over and over.    

 It is not crystal clear when slippers came into existence. But, 1478 was the first year the word 'slipper' was recorded. According to Spanish cave drawings of more than 15,000 years ago, humans are seen wearing animal fur and skin around their feet. It is assumed they were a make-do shoe of that era. However, there is a hint on when slippers were used. At Boscombe Down, the government was in the process of revealing bodies believed to be roman's. And in 2008, a spectacular unearthing made its way to the headlines. A mass of a woman curled up with a kid was dug up. Amazingly, she had slippers on her feet! Suggesting slippers go way back to 200AD.   It is now clear the idea of slippers was around for as long as man lived. But the question is, who is the real inventor of velvet slippers?  No formal claims have been made concerning slippers invention. Though from the online searches, Albin Slipper is baptized as the inventor. But the reason for the invention does not add up. The online searches claim this man was tired of feeling cold in the feet. That is too simple to be true. Some claim it was Florence Melton in the 1940s. And the invention happened when she was researching the materials to improve World War II crewmen's helmets. Melton discovered foam. Whose content is easy to wash and soft. These features qualified foam as a slipper material. And this is when Dearfoams brand came to existence but not velvet slippers. Common sense dictates velvet slippers have existed as long as footwear and velvet existed. Because, the pope traditionally wore nothing on his feet apart from red velvet slippers. But when it comes to velvet slippers accessing the general public- the history of takes a different twist.  From the Slipper's to Melton's discoveries, it is impressive how slippers keep the spirit going. These vulnerable remains intertwined with elegance down the line of centuries. Finally, velvet slippers come out in the Victorian era.  'Prince Albert Slipper' named after Prince Albert who was Queen Victoria's husband was said to have worn the comfortable slippers made of velvet and lined with silk plus a leather sole. He reinvented the hard leather slippers into soft velvet ones because he wanted more presentable footwear The velvet slippers were particularly attractive and gave an elegant look. They were worn strictly by members of the aristocracy in state homes. Mostly, for black dress code dinners.  'Prince Albert Slippers' were only worn in clubs, when moving between rooms and in smoking rooms at black suit dinners. Due to the latter, they acquired the name 'smoking shoes.' Which also referred to as 'smoking flat' or 'slipper flat.' The names are in use up to now.,  Despite being a British icon, velvet slippers made an appearance but in a different way. That is, from the aristocracy to making a name in Hollywood. In the 1940s to 50s, celebrities such as Doiglas Fairbanks Jr and Peter Lawford were seen wearing them. Several decades later, famous names such as Kanye West and Pharell Williams are seen wearing the luxuries out and about. Ryan Gosling is seen on the US chat show wearing a pair of velvet slippers. When asked by Jimmy Fallon, who was the host of the Late Night show, he makes it clear, "slippers are still part of today's life, therefore, significant to our culture." In 2007, the velvet slippers history was taken to the extreme by Derek Fan. The 'slipper man' made it to the Guinness book of records for wearing his dress slippers without taking them off for a whopping 23 years. The Bottom-line. Due to the desire for comfort and feel of elegance, velvet slippers have made it to almost every store. Dara shoes is also an ambassador of comfortable stylish velvet slippers and you can find an array of designs on their website .

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