Must Have Shoes For Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us. That time each year when everyone you know is getting married. There are so many invites in your mail, so there are a couple of things to consider. Well, your main job as a guest at a wedding is to have fun, enjoy yourself and dance. So all you have to do is make sure you look the part. As you look good and all, make sure that you are comfortable, do not wear something that will have you cringing and in pain all through the ceremony. Shoes especially. So here is a list of shoes you can war that will keep you comfortable all through the wedding. 


  1. Velvet slippers. Velvet loafers are especially perfect for gentlemen during weddings. Their versatility is what makes them quite the popular pair. These luxury slippers, which also very look extremely classy thanks to the velvet, can be worn with quite literally, anything. From a three piece suit to a simple shirt and jeans combo, heck, you can even wear them with a pair of shorts. It adds a polish to your whole look, and the plus side is you do not have to wear these luxury shoes with socks. You can check out a wide variety of velvet slippers from DARA shoes. Browse through the various selections and order for the pair(s) that most appeal to you at


  1. Cap toed shoes. Cap toed shoes, like oxfords; add that touch of gentleman's class to your whole outfit. They come in different types, from the lace up ones to ones that you strap on. The perfect way to dress up these leather beauties is with a suit, like a three piece one. But they are super versatile, so you could wear them casual, with a pair of jeans or khakis and a shirt, or even shorts, if you are confident enough! You can wear them in any weather setting (except sunny otherwise your feet will boil up) without worry of getting your feet muddy or dusty.


  1. Boots. Boots are the real all-weather champions. Whether it is rainy, sandy or muddy, these shoes will take you through all clean, and you can tuck in your ant to avoid them getting muddy. Boots look really good in a pair of jeans and full-sleeved cotton shirt. But you can also rock them with a suit, but let the trouser hem cover up the top part of your boot. Even with a nice pair of denim shorts, boots can work too.


  1. Sandals. Sandals are perfect for a sunny day's wedding, but just make sure that the venue is not sandy, where you will spend most of your time picking out sand from in between your toes. Anywhere with a concrete or tiled floor is pretty good. Sandals are especially convenient for tropical island weddings. You can pair them well with shorts to have that completely chilled look, and a breezy shirt. They also go well in a pair of cotton pants, especially white ones. 


  1. Sneakers. Sneakers are for weekend weddings, and they guarantee you of comfort, and can look good if you pick the right pair and match it well with your clothes. You can wear them with anything, like a suit; just make sure to pick a dark colored pair of sneakers. Although the best match for sneakers is denim jeans or a pair of shorts. For weddings, go for a duller colored pair of sneakers, bright ones might come off as a bit too much. As a plus, you can wear sneakers with socks on extra cold days for more warmth. So we have seen that the most favorable shoe to attend a wedding in is a flat pair, and there are many styles and brands to choose from for men. Factor in the time you will spend standing or walking around, the location- is it grassy, a water world, sandy, concrete etc. This will help you pick the best pair, and at least get back home with clean feet. Put your best foot forward-pun intended- and have as much fun as you can at the wedding!

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