Summer Outfit Ideas with Velvet Slippers

The season of picnics, BBQ's, outdoor concerts and other fun outdoor activities is upon us. Time to throw those jackets and coats in the back of the closet and break out the shorts, jeans, t shirts and short sleeve shirts to show off your personal style. Looking good goes a long way in boosting your self confidence, so here are a few helpful outfit ideas you can pair with our Milan Velvet Slippers and Loafers as you go about having your summer fun.

1. Beige Trousers + Black Polo Shirt with Naples Slippers in Brown Paisley
This is a very smart casual look. The monotone colors of beige and black would really make the colorful Milan Brown Paisley Velvet Slipper pop, and stand out. The key here is playing the contrast of your outfit with the shoes. Don't forget to pair with a matching brown belt. Trust us, you'll be getting tons of compliments on this getup!

2. Black and White Striped Shirt with Cropped White Trousers and Milan Slippers in Black.
This is the perfect summer or beach party outfit. This pairing with the Black Velvet Slippers add a little flair, as the shoe has a red border to add some personality. With this outfit, you can even opt for our Milan Slippers in Navy Blue and Yellow Savage.

3. Floral Shirt with Beige Shorts and Milan Slippers in Purple Skin
If you’re not afraid of floral prints, you can wear a floral shirt with a pair of beige shorts and Milan Velvet Slippers in Purple Skin proudly and confidently. A fedora with this outfit would be perfect for that extra “WOW” factor! Our Milan Slippers’ Purple Skin pattern will make them stand out! If you're not into the purple but love the skin pattern, the available in Milan Velvet Slipper in Green Skin also works.

4. Printed T-Shirt with Denim Shorts and Naples Slippers in Multi Chevron
A printed t-shirt with denim shorts and Naples Slippers in Multi Chevron is an outfit that would definitely make the style gurus proud. You should get a printed t-shirt with a muted design because you will be pairing it with a bold Multi Chevron shoe pattern.
We say this because they would take the attention away from your outfit. In a good way, of course! If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for any of the Milan Slippers in camo prints, the super popular Velvet Slippers in Blue-Green Camo and Gray Camo.

5. Basic Tee with Unstructured Blazer, Tailored Shorts, and Milan Slippers in Black 100 Emoji
For a more sophisticated look, a simple tee with an unstructured blazer, tailored shorts, would go perfectly with the toned down Milan Slippers in Black 100 Emoji. 

Summer is here! Get your outfits ready! And don’t forget to pick out your Milan or Velvet Slippers while you're at it.