dara shoes mens redesigned pavia loafers in green blue and oxblood red

The Pavia Loafers

As DARA continuously grows into a premier direct-to-consumer footwear company, we are continuously increasing the amount of styles of footwear we o...

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dara shoes mens lucca sneakers in red and black and white

The Lucca Sneakers

DARA Shoes releases its inaugural line of luxury sneakers for Men & Women, the Lucca & Lady Lucca collections.

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dara shoes mens asti brown lace up combat boots

The Asti Boots

After 16 long months of tweaking, multiple re-designs, and development, we are extremely delighted to release our much anticipated Men's Boots, The...

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dara shoes mens elba velvet slippers black and gray

The Elba Slippers

The Elba Collection of Slippers is officially OUT! We were inspired by the laid back and beautiful Italian island of Elba, and had a crazy idea to ...

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dara shoes womens siena slipper and flat toile

New Siena Slipper Patterns

We just released two new styles of our very popular Siena Collection of womens slippers and flats.  The two NEW designs pictured are the Siena Slip...

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