The Elba Slippers

The Elba Collection of Slippers is officially OUT! We were inspired by the laid back and beautiful Italian island of Elba, and had a crazy idea to just take the heel off our Milan & Naples Slippers. And with that, the Elba Collection was born. It exudes a more casual yet elegant vibe, and makes for a more relaxed and comfortable fit. It's the perfect slipper when you want to look fly, yet not too formal.

We didn't skip out on the meticulous details to make this Slipper either. In this collection, we introduce a brand new material, Pony Hair, as the upper & outer material to give it a super luxe feel and look. Don't worry, no ponies were harmed in the making of this collection. The dual padding of leather + high density foam and leather insoles accompany this shoe for your supreme comfort. 

Head over to the STORE to grab your very own Elba today. Note that more items will be added to the collection in the coming months, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get notified when they hit the store.

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