Versatility In Sneakers

Sneakers have some versatility to them. You can dress them up, down, go athletic and even get away with it for work, depending on your profession.

They can be paired with diverse outfits; from jeans, to dress pants, to blazers.


1. Sneakers with jeans

Although jeans are the first go to when wearing a pair of sneakers, there are other ways to make this look more interesting. Just throwing on a t-shirt is not an option. A dress shirt and a waistcoat can make your denim not look so ordinary. Try a blazer, a patterned shirt, pair of jeans and sneakers.


2. Sneakers with shorts

This look is very casual, laid back and relaxed. The “shorts”look can never go wrong with a polo shirt, but you can try on a button up shirt and still look good.


3. Sneakers with a suit

Pairing sneakers with a suit doesn’t come to mind often, but it’s a go to stylish way to wear sneakers to a formal event.  Pair the suit with a shirt or a round neck polo depending on the look you are going for. Also patterned suits have a certain pizzazz, which make your footwear stand out. 


4. Paired with sweatpants or tracksuit

Style has evolved and certain outfits which where restricted to indoor wardrobe have becoming style staples. Sweat pants are the new rave and come in different lengths and fits.

You can definitely dress them up and sneakers are the go to footwear for sportswear you can go out in.


5. With African print

African prints were appealing to certain cultures in the past, but they have gone mainstream. They are bold, daring and give a certain regal look to any individual. Pairing your prints with sneakers is definitely not a bad idea.

 Although Sneakers can be paired with most clothing, it’s important you choose the right stylish pair. It’s important to pay attention to the shape, color and fit. It makes a whole lot of difference when the right pair of shoes is paired with the right outfit.


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