Why Comfortable Shoes are Important

You should never compromise on comfort, especially when it comes to your feet! Unfortunately in the shoe business, you get what you pay for. Cheap shoes that are poorly manufactured with subpar support, and questionable padding for your feet are not worth it. Your body ends up paying a big price for taking a shortcut months and years later. Uncomfortable shoes can cause a host of problems for you. A minor consequence of wearing uncomfortable shoes is achy feet, but we will give you five more bad things you can expect to happen to your feet by wearing uncomfortable shoes. 

1. Terrible Blisters
No one likes blisters! They form at the bottom of your feet and cause terrible discomfort. You'll need to place a bandage on the blister just so you can walk properly again, and even then, you're stuck waddling and walking like a penguin. 

2. Morton's Neuroma
Stop torturing your big toe! When you’re walking around in uncomfortable shoes all day long, you start to feel a sharp shooting pain between your third and fourth toe. If this continues, you start compensating by putting more pressure on your other toes. Soon, an unusual thickening of the tissue around your feet develops. This is known as Morton’s Neuroma and requires surgery. Without surgery, the pain will not go away! The cheap shoe definitely would end up costing you more at this point.

3. Painful Corns
"Ouch" will be the only word in your vocabulary when corns take over, popping at the various pressure points on your feet. To remove them, you will have to visit your doctor for treatment or get over the counter treatment for them. They will take weeks to go away though.

4. Bunions and Calluses
There will come a point when your feet will go into a rage, telling you that enough is enough and that you better start wearing comfortable shoes. To fight the injustice you’re doing to them, you will start to find bunions and calluses on your feet. These are not only painful, but embarrassing as well. 

5. Poor Body Movement
Your body movement will suffer a great deal if you do not give up wearing uncomfortable shoes. You will have to adjust your gait and that will directly put pressure on your knees, ankles, hips, and back. You want to walk and stand with proper posture. Wearing comfortable shoes where there is no need for compensation is a great start.

When shopping for a new pair of shoes, don't just focus on the price. At DARA Shoes, we are obsessed with comfort without sacrificing style and price. Before any shoe in our Men's or Women's Collection is released, every member of the DARA team has to wear them consistently over a period of three months to ensure maximum comfort. This also helps our design teams gather data and fix any issues. One-quarter of an inch at the toe or using the wrong material on the sides of a shoe can make a world of difference.

We care about your feet, so we design our shoes both to be functional and aesthetically pleasing to look at. With us, you will never have to sacrifice style over comfort. You can have both, and strut with confidence!

Happy Feet, Happy Life!

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