milan 100 emoji velvet slippers mens

When Edgy meets Classy

Our stylish loafers are getting tons of love and attention globally. Recently, Men's fashion blogger Rale Popic in Slovenia got his hands on a pair...

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mens milan green skin velvet slipper dara shoes

Spending the Day with DARA

GQ insider and fashion blogger Martin Salomon Jr spent a day with running around town in his DARA Men's Green Skin Velvet Slipper.  In his words, "...

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womens siena flat dara shoes blue floral

A feature on J'Adore Fashion

Stylish and influential blogger, Stella, of Jadore Fashion featured our Women's Floral Slipper   on her blog. Check out how she styles this pair fo...

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lance bass in dara shoes camo velvet slipper

Lance Bass rocking DARA

Former N'SYNC band member Lance Bass is currently a co-host on the popular Meredith Viera show on NBC. He's a big fan of our products, and decided ...

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