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NEW RELEASE: The Lucca Sneakers
DARA Shoes releases its inaugural line of luxury sneakers for Men & Women...
DARA + Afterpay
On August 1, 2018, we kicked off an amazing partnership with Afterpay to give...
Office Friendly Flats - The Siena
Reasons to add Siena Slippers and Flats to your office and professional ensem...
Color On A White Canvas
Check out how Thenia dresses up her Siena Slippers in Color Block
NEW RELEASE: The Elba Slippers
We were inspired by the laid back and beautiful Italian island of Elba, and h...
NEW RELEASE: The Asti Boots
Proud and excited to release our first Men's Boot Collection, The Asti Boots,...
The Protective Carrying Bag
5 Reasons To Keep The DARA Protective Carrying Bag
6 Celebs that ditch their Heels for Flats
Six famous celebrities that have chosen to ditch the heels and opt for flats ...
Cleaning and Taking Care of Your Velvet Slipper
Simple steps of how to clean velvet slippers
RESTOCK: Milan Slipper in 100 Emoji
Announcing the restock of the Milan Slipper in 100 Emoji
5 Summer Outfit Ideas with Milan Velvet Slippers
5 summer outfit ideas you can pair with the Milan Slipper
The Velvet Slippers at the 2018 MET GALA
Our top picks of the best dressed men in Velvet Slippers at the 2018 MET GALA.
Why Comfortable Shoes Are Important
5 reasons to wear comfortable shoes and not sacrifice comfort.
NEW RELEASE: Yellow Savage and Chevron Milan Slipper
Announcing new releases of the Milan Slipper
5 Summer Outfit Ideas with the Siena Slipper
Five summer outfits you can pair with the Siena Slipper
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