Milan Slippers in Brown Paisley

$ 149

A bold slipper choice for the adventurous guy, this brown paisley slipper uses a blend of daring designs and vivid colors to create a slipper that'll steal the show wherever you go.

Runs true to size.

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If you want to be seen, this is the slipper for you. We have created a very unique slipper by embracing being bold, daring, and extraordinary. The Milan Fabric Brown Paisley Slipper sports the classic velvet slipper silhouette, and is handcrafted with our patented luxe fabric blend, genuine leather interior and dual padded insoles. Taking a walk in these luxury slippers feels like you're walking on clouds. Embrace your daring side today and be bold, unique, and different. 

Slippers are also commonly known as Loafers, depending on what part of the world you're from.

• Material: Luxe Fabric.

• Insole: Leather.

• Heel: Rubber, 0.25" height.

DARA's products are carefully handcrafted by experienced artisans with globally sourced materials of the highest quality. Please handle with care for longer life of your Velvet Slippers.

• Please keep tissue paper accompanying your product. Fill shoe with this tissue paper to help maintain the shape of your slippers and absorb humidity.

• Store Velvet Slippers in the provided luxury velvet dust bag.

• Clean Velvet Slippers slippers when dry using neutral and non-bleeding products to prevent staining.

• Velvet Slippers are not waterproof, but can be dried with soft dry cloth when wet. 

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